I hope you are all doing well.  This week I would like you to focus on your blessings.  Each day pick a blessing and ever so often during that day think about how wonderful that is.  The next day pick a different blessing and focus on it off and on. We all have many blessings, like jobs, family, friends, internet, health, animals and home.  If you feel like it let me know how this works for you.

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Book Now Available

Hello everyone.  I am so happy to announce that the book, Connecting with God, is now available at Witchy Wearables, 4459 147th Street, Suite D, Midlothian, Illinois, 60445.  If you are around the area go in and take a look.  They are very nice and the energy is wonderful.  Have a wonderful day.

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Today I would like you to take 2-5 minutes and listen.  What kind of sounds can you hear?  If you hear vehicles can you tell which direction they are coming from or maybe you can hear the differences in a variety of vehicles. How about hearing children playing in the distance or the sound of bugs? There are many sounds out there that we never notice.  Take a few minutes today and notice.  To me it was like a new experience. I felt so very connected to it all.  I hope it brings you the joy it has brought me.

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We all spend a lot of time waiting.  We wait in a doctor’s office, in traffic, in a store line, for our children to get out of school and many others.  I think if we started paying attention to how often we wait we would be amazed. Now waiting tends to irritate many of us. How many have been in line when the person in front of us is having to have a price check.  Do we sigh in exasperation?  What if instead of getting irritated or frustrated, we felt calm and joy?  You can.  Just change how you view the moments of waiting.  What if instead you saw them as a present or blessing from God?  So many of us spend our time going in several different directions at the same time.  What if waiting is God’s way of saying take a few minutes and breathe and be calm.  Or maybe God is reminding you that He is with you and waiting is His way of saying peace and joy to you.  I was telling my daughter about this and she started to argue that sometimes you are in a hurry.  And yes sometimes we are, but could God be saying slow down and enjoy life because life is becoming a blur to you. Most the time if you are late for an appointment or whatever, maybe God is saying, it will still be there when you get there. Or maybe God is saying, you might want to leave a bit earlier next time and if you get there early, you can wait with me.

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This is a being in the moment. I want you to walk around and if possible on different surfaces or in different footwear. Pay close attention to how it feels. Notice what your toes do, your ankle, you knee and so forth.  Now don’t think about anything else just how it feels to walk.  If you want, you can try it as if your ankle or knee didn’t bend.  Just stay in the moment. Try and do this for five minutes.  If you can’t that is fine.  And if you have trouble walking and can do it only for ten or thirty seconds that is fine.  If you like, do it a few times in a day.  Imagine God is walking with you. Enjoy walking with God.

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Be Grateful

Ground and protect. Close your eyes and take a deep, slow breath. Open your eyes.  What is the first thing you see?  Find something about it or them to be grateful about. And not a general yeah I am glad I have it kind of gratitude, but the deep, heart-felt gratitude that makes you feel joyous. Now if you have a hard time coming up with something or nothing that strong.  Ask God to help you.  He has some pretty amazing insights. I would like to share how he helped me with this. When I opened my eyes I saw what I call a dust fall. A dust fall is when a shelf is so dusty it is hanging over the side. My first thoughts were anything but gratitude.  I felt guilty and ashamed for this made me feel like a bad housekeeper and/or a lazy person.  I tried. The first thing I could come up with was that I was grateful to have a shelf to put things on.  But I knew the level of gratitude was not what I was seeking so I asked for help.  With a little time I finally got.  The dust fall shows that you value other things more than dusting and that you have been doing them. Now I am not saying dusting is bad.  But for me I truly don’t value the house being dusted as much as other things. With this I then could be truly thankful for the dust fall.

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Rose Meditation

Ground and protect.  Imagine a rose. Focus on it.  See it. Feel it, watch out for thorns. As you enjoy the rose a petal falls off.  You bend down to pick it up and you see a face on it.  It is…..   Think about the ways this person has touched your life.  When you are done, thank them.  If you can be grateful for them. If you have trouble ask God to help.  Sometimes even if you don’t have trouble it is nice to ask God to show you how this person has touched your life. He might show you ways you never thought of. Another petal falls off and again there is a face on it.  You can continue to do this or stop at just two petals. You realize you are the rose and that the beauty and wonder that you are, has been influenced by the people in your life.  Thanks for being a petal in my life.

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I wish to thank Elizabeth for all her help in getting the website put together and not only putting the blog together but for teaching me how to blog.  It is my hope that I will have either a meditation,  just being or a stay in the moment on the blog each week.  If you have any that you wish to share please feel free.  I don’t know all the ways to connect and you might have one that will work wonders for someone.  Also please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.  Or maybe you will have something you want to ask others on the blog.  I thought it would also be nice to share ways in which God has answered your questions or has helped you.  You might help someone else realize the ways the Divine has been working in their life. With Much Love,  Ruth.

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Take a breath and breathe in this moment.  You might be surprised at what you experience.

Breathe in the beauty

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Why Did I Write Connecting with God?

Have you ever discovered something that was so wonderful you just had to share it?  That is what I have found!  What I found will bring me comfort when I need it most, encourages me when I feel low, and quite simply put, makes my life more enjoyable. 

What is this wonderful discovery? 

I call it, Connecting with God.   And it is my desire to share this secret with everyone.

Connecting with God is something everyone can do.  In this book, I offer strategies, techniques and methods to help you improve your life too, by Connecting with God yourself.

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